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This wiki was made for my best work thus far, "The Return of Ultraman Powered", which you can find on the channel "Kuper Spyronic"

About "The Return of Ultraman Powered"Edit

"The Return of Ultraman Powered" is a fan made series by Kuper Spyronic, based on the rather infamous Ultraman with the same name. It is made with the app Drawing Cartoons 2 for Android, and so far has 9 complete episodes, the 7th one being in commemoration of Ultraseven's 50th anniversary.

Plot Summary Edit

Following 20 years after the events of "Ultraman Powered: The Ultimate Hero", Kenichi Kai moved to Moscow for a great life, got married, and raised his son Suzuki, until he passed away and passed the Flash Prism down to him. Finally, in the year 2017, an evil force simply referred as "the Dark Lord" has returned, but he's not the only one who has, as just when his attack begins, Ultraman Powered returns and informs Suzuki that he may now use the Flash Prism whenever he is in danger, keeping the promise to not control his mind. With the Dark Lord's power to send Kaiju and Choju to Russia, Ultraman Powered must now defend against the multi-monster threats.

Characters and Voices Edit

While the first 2 Characters are voiced by Kuper Spyronic himself, there were several other starting YouTubers that assisted in voice acting Edit
  • Suzukai Kai, Voiced by Kuper Spyronic
  • Ultraman Powered, Voiced by "Ultraman (Amino)"
  • Commander Gretsyin, Voiced by Kuper Spyronic
  • The Dark Lord, Voiced by Realmetal776
  • Baltan, Voiced by Realmetal776 (Episode 4), and TokuNerd and More (Epsiode 7)
  • Ultraseven, Voiced by LatinnPassion (Epsiode 7)
  • Captain Oraisyn, Voiced by Kuper Spyronic (Episodes 1 and 8)

Episodes Edit